What is the Best Ford Dealer in Cleveland, OH?

It’s no secret that the city of Cleveland, OH is on the rise. A city that just a few years ago had a struggling economy and had a high population loss is now seeing a major resurgence of young professionals moving in, a growing economy, population increase, and affordable living.

With that said, for those living in Cleveland or Northeast Ohio, you need to be driving a car that fits the style and determination of this growing metropolitan area. And nothing says that better than a brand new Ford. Whether you want the strength and style of a Ford F-150 or the smooth, reliable drive of a Ford Fusion, Ford has a car model that fits your lifestyle. As Cleveland continues to grow so do the options of great Ford dealerships to choose from.

But there is one Ford dealership that offers great variety and arguably the best car-buying experience in Northeast Ohio, and that’s Bob Gillingham Ford in Parma, OH.

Why buy a car from Bob Gillingham Ford?

As the last family-owned Ford dealership in the Cleveland metro area, Gillingham Ford stands alone as providing a personal, hassle-free car-buying experience, every time. Unlike the corporate dealerships that are located all throughout Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs, Gillingham Ford doesn’t answer to corporate speak and doesn’t treat every customer as just another sale. Here is why you can trust to get the right car and the best customer service at Gillingham Ford compared to its corporate competitors.

As a car buyer at Bob Gillingham Ford, you always get:

No pushy sales pitches

If you’ve ever bought a car before, you probably have experienced a pushy salesperson trying to say whatever they can to get you to drive away in that car. If not, I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories. At Gillingham Ford, their goal is not to just get rid of every car on the lot, their sales pitch is listening to what you want out in a new car and finding the best car that delivers just that. What you typically get at a corporate dealership is a routine pitch where they tell you, “you want this car, you need this car,” and what happens is you drive away with a car you didn’t even want, and probably out of your price range. At Gillingham Ford, you feel comfortable the second you walk in the door and the second you drive away.

Trusted and consistent customer service

Because Gillingham Ford is a family-owned dealership, you can expect to be treated fairly and feel that your needs are heard. The team at Gillingham Ford have been together for a long time and everyone shares the same goal, to provide exceptional service that helps the dealership as a whole. Many times, at corporate dealerships you get the feeling that every salesperson is looking out for themselves and doing whatever they can to reach their sales quotas. The truth is, every dealership has sales goals and wants to achieve them but at what costs? Gillingham Ford believes if you treat every customer the same no matter their budget or car they’re looking for, the dealership will continue to grow, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Trust the best, buy your next car from Bob Gillingham Ford

We know you could choose any Ford dealership in Northeast Ohio but why not go with a dealership that puts the customer first and takes pride in serving the local community. The commitment to customer service from the sales team to parts and services is second to none and their inventory is one of the best in the area. If you’re in need of a new car and don’t know where to start, come to Bob Gillingham Ford and take the stress out of buying a new car and get the Ford you can feel happy to drive every day.

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